This Guy Was 3 Million Votes Away From Being Vice President

John Edwards, as everyone knows is a complete scumbag, a liar, and an all around terrible human being. Just today it was reported that he knew about the money being funneled to his then mistress, Rielle “Just-call-me-Mommy” Hunter. Add this to litany of other sketchy, if not illegal, things he’s done and it truly becomes mind-blowing. This man was a U.S. Senator, and was three million votes away from becoming the Vice President of the United States. As much as I want to turn this into a “look who the Democrats are promoting as candidates” style post, you just can’t. No one had any idea this guys was such a terrible person (and if they did they’re even worse for putting up with it).

The killer is that you know he loves ANY media attention he gets, whether it’s positive or negative. I propose as part of our “new tone,” that people are talking about, we should stop talking about these sorts of people. It’s a waste of anyone’s time to sit through a news story about this clown. He serves no purpose and was nothing short of a scar on what’s left of the dignity of the Senate.

Throw him in jail already, and let him become “oh so pretty” to a prison pimp.

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01 2011


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