Eco-Warriors Hit A New ‘Low’

While grocery shopping a few weeks ago, I ran across this sign in the parking lot of a well-known grocery store: “Reserved Parking For Low Emissions and Fuel Efficient Hybrid Vehicles.” I snapped this picture and as can be expected, the sign designated a spot near the entrance of the store, right next to the handicapped spaces.

The fact that private business are now pandering to the corporate push to “Go Green” is a sad commentary on the winning left-wing narrative about our environment.  This particular establishment prides itself on being LEED Certified, meaning it is a Leader in Environmental and Energy Design. Designating “preferred parking” spaces for low efficient vehicles is one way that this store is contributing to its LEED Certification standards.

Rewarding liberals that buy into the global warming theory about “saving the planet” by purchasing ugly hybrid vehicles with closer parking spaces is asinine. Not only has the theory of global warming been thoroughly debunked, but people have varying reasons for purchasing vehicles.

Yes, with high gas prices and the U.S.’s large dependency on foreign oil, purchasing a vehicle that relies on less fuel would appear to be a wise decision. But one must consider that hybrid vehicles, while less dependent on fuel than typical gas-consuming automobiles, may not necessarily balance out the reduced environmental impact made by their fuel efficient engines. It is becoming increasingly evident that since much of the electricity that provides power to an electric and hybrid vehicles is produced from coal, the carbon footprint upon the global atmosphere is not necessarily offset by the gas-sipping hippie vehicles.

Not to mention, not every car buyer that approaches a car lot, or online dealer is afforded the luxury of selecting a hybrid vehicle that meets his/her needs. Many times, safety, space, and cost are placed higher than fuel efficiency upon the buyer’s list of priorities when selecting a vehicle. The couple that takes their children camping is likely in the market for a vehicle that suits the size and space capacity demanded by their lifestyle, and not the MPG display on the dashboard.

Hybrid vehicles are a fascinating feat of human ingenuity and if a buyer is lead to purchase one because it suits his or her needs, then that is certainly acceptable and encouraged. Freedom of choice is a beautiful thing we enjoy in the United States.

But punishing those who either saw the light on the global warming hoax, or chose a different vehicle based on needs… or both… shouldn’t be punished by having to park further away when purchasing their groceries.

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  1. Frank Oglesby #

    What grocery store and where is it?

  2. Miket53 #

    I was at a hotel near Baltimore where choice spaces were reserved for low emission/fuel efficient cars. I was mortified. I won’t be going back to that hotel.


    Pandering to special interest groups is a mistake. It’s a very “exclusive” thing (very negative) and that will hurt their reputation. It is their right to do something like this and I’m guessing they’ll lose some business because of it, unless the store is in CA or some other leftyville USA. It’s lame, in my opinion. I think someone should sue them for not making a special parking space even closer and with a bigger sign for mopeds, bicycles, hydrogen cars, horses and rickshaws.

  4. 4

    First of all, you don’t even know how hybrid cars work – first of all, most of the hybrids on the roads of America today are not plug-ins and thus do not draw from the power grid. Secondly, you are parking on the private property of whoever owns the shopping mall whose policies you are whining about. It is their prerogative to allocate parking as they wish. SUck it up. Thirdly, you (like most conservatives) are probably very overweight and could use all of the exercise you can get. Suck it up and walk a little bit more, fool!

  5. Architect from NY #

    This is actually part of the criteria to have a “Green” building. The criteria is known as “LEED” and buildings are rated as silver, gold, or platinum, based on how many points they earn. Having parking spots like this gives the building one (1) point. Check out the green building council for more information. It is really more of a money making scheme than actually helping the environment.

  6. 6

    Its pandering to the left, but if it brings in more customers well fine but I won’t shop there…


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