Adam Carolla’s Anti-Gov’t Tirade: ‘F*ck the School Teachers’

Adam Carolla is definitely not a fan of the government. Whether he’s sitting down with Reason Magazine to rant, or going off on Rep. Maxine Waters (D-Calif.), he’s made it clear that he wants to be left alone.

Carolla, the host of the Adam Carolla Show (which is a podcast available on iTunes), and former host of “The Man Show,” “Crankyankers” and “Loveline,” showed his detest for unions with a profanity laced tirade,

“…this is the malaise of the government…and this is why, my thing is like, In Wisconsin or wherever, fuck the school teachers, fuck all you guys, you make eighty grand a year you work fucking five months out of the year. Fuck you guys you’re not heroes, who gives a shit.”

Carolla has never been one to censor himself on issues he feels passionate about and unlike many conservatives in Hollywood he runs his own show. This allows to truly speak his mind if for no other reason than he doesn’t have to answer to sponsors and others within the typical “left-wing” establishment Hollywood is known for.

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03 2011

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  1. 1

    Adam is refreshing, candid and very smart. I do wish he wouldn’t curse as much as he does during his rants. It weakens the power of what he’s saying. But it’s still great to hear a comedian unencumbered by PC groupthink.

  2. Harley2002 #

    I love the guy. Sounds like what I hear many many out here in the wilderness. Screw these lazy union scumbags. 30% of the kids can read and they get 80k foe 5 months work? I hope they all get fired. But that would take more guts then the limp dick Redumblicans have.

  3. joe #

    I like him.

  4. Progressive Ed #

    It worse than that. The teachers are the enemy within, they are the carriers of the deadly virus of Progressive/Leftism/Socialism infecting our children.

  5. MM #

    Love Adam and his daily podcasts are the best cutting edge, alternative (to crap) media to be heard anywhere. Besides his entertaining, vicarious rants, he is an excellent interviewer.

    RE: education. Money is not issue. State of Michigan, for example, gives more than $10K per student to Detroit Public schools (more than most private schools) and barely half of students graduate. In the spirit of Adam… *shut the f*** up about greedy republicans not caring enough to shovel more money to schools and teach the basics you bastards.

  6. jb8779 #

    the problem is he is completely wrong. Teachers don’t make 80k. They start in the 30s. If they have a masters degree is the 40s. Give me a break, stop with the lying.

    Not only that, they work more like 10 months out of the year. And, I know to most people this will come as a surprise, but THEY DO NOT GET PAID FOR THEIR SUMMER OFF!!! They only get paid for the time they work. They just take the salary and divide it by 12 and pay them once a month for every month in the year. But they don’t actually get paid for the time they do not work!

    Why don’t you idiots saying things that aren’t true check your damn facts?

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