Michael Moore, Dylan Ratigan: More Lefties Against Free Speech

Here’s a dirty little (not-so-) secret: Liberal Democrats really aren’t very liberal, and they don’t much care for democracy. You want proof? I mean, beyond campus speech codes and “hate crime” laws and Thomas Friedman’s kinky fantasies about being disciplined by Chinese engineers?

Okay, how about: professional gas-bag Michael Moore has signed on to professional gas-bag Dylan Ratigan’s petition to get the professional gas out of politics. That is, the two well-paid leftists want a constitutional amendment banning “corporate money” from “our political system!”

That’s right. Michael Moore, who’s given the equivalent of the starting salary of one of his beloved UAW bowling buddies to Democrats, supports Ratigan’s effort to curtail political speech in the United States. “No person, corporation or business entity of any type,” reads their amendment, can give money “directly or indirectly” to any candidate or campaign for federal office. First Amendment Shmirst Amendment.

Ratigan, presumably, has seen up close the corrupting, nefarious impact of corporate largesse in the workings of government. Until recently, his checks were signed by GE CEO Jeff Immelt, who threw the full weight of his corporation into electing President Obama, and then reaping the benefits of flagrant crony capitalism.

I’m sure Ratigan’s outrage is further fueled by the Solyndra scandal, in which well-connected political fundraisers received sweetheart federal loan guarantees for a highly dubious business model that just happened to dovetail nicely with someone’s “green” ideology. And you can be sure he finds Silicon Valley’s embrace of liberal issues and politicians deeply troubling.

While we wait for Ratigan and Moore to denounce President Obama as a corporate stooge (or, in lingo I’m sure they’re nostalgic for, a “capitalist running dog”), let’s see who else isn’t really happy with this whole republican democracy thing.

Why there’s former Obama Budget Director Peter Orszag taking time out from raising his 17 families to moan in the New Republic that we need “less democracy” to control the gridlocked that has gripped Washington lo these many months. How about North Carolina Governor Bev Purdue suggesting, “I think we ought to suspend, perhaps, elections for Congress for two years and just tell them we won’t hold it against them, whatever decisions they make, to just let them help this country recover.”

Yes, what politics needs is less accountability.

Look, anyone who’s observed American Lefties long enough knows that the only actual democracy they like involves getting homeless guys to vote in exchange for cigarettes. And who could blame them? They know better than the rest of us. So their natural inclination is to get our opinions out of their political system.

But this volley of complaints about our “small r” republican system is as sure a sign of lefty desperation as the sound of seeds and stems popping in their hash pipes. Obama has failed and failed big. He’s failed the country, yes, but that’s of little account. The problem is, he’s failed them. The union agenda is going nowhere. Green jobs are a grim joke. His environmentalist supporters can forget meaningful, economy-destroying action. The Earth would be better served if they pulled over their Priuses and flogged themselves in public for their crimes against Gaia (‘tis a consummation devoutly to be wished!)

No, the hot exhaust of failure is blowing up their white skirts of democracy and giving us a peek of their totalitarian iron underpants. It’s a desperate predicament, and an equally desperate metaphor.

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09 2011

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