What a Real Politician Looks Like (And This One Wears a Skirt!)

Arizona Governor Jan Brewer

Jan Brewer: a name most have become familiar with in recent weeks as she is the governor of Arizona, and the one who signed the “controversial” AZ immigration bill SB1070 into law. (Also known as “doing her job.”) Those opposed to the law (and yeah, I’m talking about those in the mainstream media too) have slammed her for supporting this legislation that they deem is racist, anti-immigrant, and even anti-Hispanic. The law merely allows AZ police officers and state officials to enforce federal border security immigration law that already exists. After several polls, it was determined that the majority of Americans (close to 60%) support the legislation… so Brewer is demonized for doing her job, by allowing officials to do their job. Yeah, I’m confused too.

Governors are elected, openly and freely in this great Democratic Republic, as representatives of the people. Governor Brewer was and is representing the people of Arizona who called for stronger border enforcement against illegal immigration – and she isn’t backing down. So what does she do? She travels to Washington D.C. and asks for a meeting with President Barack Obama to discuss the law and its ramifications.

And right on cue: our sissy president goes running. A little scuffle between some Cambridge police officers and a professor, and the man can call a “beer summit” in a matter of days. But a nationwide discussion has erupted for weeks over the security of our country, and he can’t manage to rearrange his schedule to talk with the Governor of Arizona. So sad.

But wait! Have hope! (remember “Hope and Change”?) Indeed the president DOES have time to meet with Governor Brewer! Just this morning the White House announced that indeed a scheduling conflict has been resolved and the president has time to meet with Governor Brewer during her trip to Washington. But does President Obama even deserve to meet with Governor Brewer after what he said about the law and how he treated the state?

After calling the bill “misguided”, nevermind whether or not the president should even be commenting on state law at all, President Obama tried to play both sides of the Arizona “boycott” issue in his May 27 press conference by declaring, “I’m the president of the United States, I don’t endorse boycotts or not endorse boycotts. That’s something that private citizens can make a decision about.”

Ahem. He might have just as well said, “Go for it – what do I care? I don’t agree with that law anyway.” Only problem is… He should care that there is a growing movement to boycott the state of Arizona! The state of Arizona is one of the 50 states that comprise this great nation, of which he is the leader of ALL of them. By not condemning the boycott of one US state, he is in effect, allowing the country to become even more divided than it was before. So much for being the great “Uniter.”

Even after all of this, the governor is STILL willing to meet with the president. Classy, classy lady. With grace and dignity, she has shown that in a skirt and heels, she has more balls than most male politicians in this country.

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