Fail: Napolitano Brags About Working With Alabama Officials, but Gets Governor’s Name Wrong

Earlier this week, on a prominent Mobile, Ala. morning drive show (Sean & Wayne, 106.5 WAVH), Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano made a pretty big gaffe during an interview. As it was wrapping up Napolitano wanted to pat herself on the back for working with Alabama officials on day one in responding to the Gulf oil spill. And while mentioning that she had met with Alabama officials including Gov. Haley Barbour. The problem – he’s governor of Mississippi.

Napolitano is no stranger when it comes to gaffe’s. She at one point claimed the 9/11 hijackers entered the country through Canada, and said, “If I knew what was meant by secure the border that would be one thing.”

While this isn’t the biggest deal, one wonders what might have happened had this been Michael Chertoff or Tom Ridge.

For the record the governor of Alabama is named Bob Riley. But could have been worse – at least Napolitano didn’t go on in Alabama and say “Hotty Toddy,” or “Go State.”

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07 2010

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  1. mario #

    What else do you expect from a stupid lesbail liberal terrorist!

  2. sf #

    You already covered this but it needs to be hammered again and again:
    What would the MFM be writing or broadcasting if this same gaffe had been made by ANY Republican? Say, Sarah Palin for example.

    How much page-one coverage, how many minutes of network news?

    The media routinely lie and edit to support Dems and denigrate conservatives. May they all find themselves unemployed as soon as possible.

  3. tom elliman #

    Mohammed Atta did, in fact, enter through Canada.

  4. TheChairman #

    Yeah, this is the same drugged-up oaf who said Palin (then governor of Alaska) didn’t know what it was like to be governor of a ‘border state’… clearly showing her ignorance that Alaska borders both Russia AND Canada.

    As a former resident of Arizona, I can tell you that Naplitano did everything she could to stop the voter ID law. She aided and abetted illegal immigration and squandered the $1 billion state surplus she inherited. By the time she was ‘picked’ by Obama for DHS, she left Arizona in financial ruin.

    Napalitano is not qualified to be a dog-catcher. She need to be put down.

    Remember folks, Napalitano was part of the Janet Reno gang involved with Waco, Ruby Ridge, etc.

  5. Vee Kay, #

    The only way Napolitano was re-elected as Arizona governor was the left leaning Arizona Republic covered her back side and carried her water. This unfit for birdcage liner newspaper still is pushing for amnesty for illegals. Can’t understand their reasoning,they don’t have a Spanish edition. Napolitano is so incompetent, see what a competent AZ Governor can do? In a matter of a few months Brewer has passed what Napolitano has roadblocked for years!

  6. Mick #

    What’s next? I guess it won’t be long before we here the President say: “You’re doin’ a heck of a job Nappy!”

  7. Mick #

    What’s next? I guess it won’t be long before we hear the President say: “You’re doin’ a heck of a job Nappy!”

  8. Marty E. #

    This November the American people will bury their collective boot so far up Pelosi’s and Reid’s backside they will need the Jaws of Life to extract it. Then Mr. President we finish the job in 2012 by coming after you!!

    Side note to all the GOP Rinos; YOU’RE NEXT!!!!!

  9. 9

    I’m surprised she remembered what state she was in. She and Obama need to go back to grade school. He couldn’t remember how many states there are. Govenor Bob Riley must be pleased.

  10. Bohica #

    Another fine example of the shockingly stupid and incompetent buffoons making up this administration.

    ….but then, what should one expect from shockingly stupid voters who elected Urkel?

  11. Crabjuice #

    Please, Arizona, take this woman back as your governor. There she could only destroy one state, as opposed to all of them.

  12. Judy Johnson #

    Just wondering, don’t the Dems have any attractive women? Smart would be nice, but stupid and ugly is way too much. And here comes another one – on the Supreme Court for life… Frighteniing.

  13. klesb #

    Poor Napolitano! Her successor, Governor Jan Brewer, stands head and shoulders above her! But look at the other Obama appointees! She does compare exceedingly-well with them….

  14. Dr Helldigger #

    Nappylotaxo gets most things backassward.
    She was reelected on the promise of doing absolutely nothing.And then she did absolutely nothing.

    She was forced into signing the employer sanction law out of fear for a stricter voter referendum but her veto pen during her first stint as governor of AZ pissed off plenty of voters on both sides of the aisle. She stopped all efforts to stem the tide of illegals invading the state in droves.

    Now we have 500 thousand of them strangling the economy, the school system and the health care system. This is what Janet wrought upon us.

    Hardened drug cartel members are bad but having half a million job stealing, identity theft mongering hoards of these petty criminals is half a million times worse.

    Stop the drugs but deport every single illegal criminal border crosser there is in the country. Obama and the flying monkeys say it cant happen, I say it must happen. One invader at a time. IT only takes the will to do so.

    If you are an invader, please leave now before the masses rise up and force you out on your butts. Avoid the coming backlash and leave while the leaving is good.

    Don’t underestimate Americans. We are finally fed up with providing jobs for illegals when we too are here just to work and take care of our families.

    Go now, don’t come back until you have a valid VISA and once it expires, go back to where you came from or… face the wrath of pissed off citizens.

  15. William Baranowski #

    Is this a sick twisted joke? Who are we kidding with this affirmative action administration? It is only a matter of time before the really big h bombs from multiple sources start wiping us out here. How are you going to declare martial law when the total communications infrasctructure is fried to a crisp? Telegraphy? Smoke signals? Get real, Kerensky. Who is the Lenin and Stalin that comes after you? Sarah Silverman? Show me your Mao and I’ll show you mine.

  16. Sara Katz #

    That was pretty witty to put at the end “at least she didn’t say hotty toddy” lol. That is an ole Miss (Mississippi) University saying, hee hee. That would have been classic. It would be funny if that were somewhere in the headline Hotty Toddy!

  17. Mark #

    Napo (like 99% of Obama’s senior cabinet officials) is not fit for the position. The stark reality of affirmative action.

  18. 18

    The only reason Napolitano, Reed, Pelosi & Obama are where they are is because they could never cut it in the private sector. They are the cockroaches of America . . .

  19. Merry #

    Sorry crabjuice (comment #11)—- WE don’t want that worthless POHT back here in AZ. How she ever got to be governor is beyond most people’s imagination.

  20. RealityChuck #

    Why does this matter in the slightest? Other than on a fifth-grade level of playing “gotcha”?


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