Bachmann: Subpoenas and Hearings Are Coming in 2011

Want a sneak preview for what the 2011 legislative calendar has in store?

The Intrade prediction market is giving the GOP a 57-percent shot of taking back the House of Representatives this fall, meaning it is more likely to happen than not. And a lot of polls seem to be indicating the same thing. But should that happen, then what?

According to Rep. Michele Bachmann, R-Minn., the House Republicans should exercise their power to subpoena and hold continuous hearings. Speaking to a gathering for the GOP Youth Convention on July 22 in Washington, D.C., she emphasized this point.

“Oh, I think that’s all we should do,” Bachmann said. “I think that all we should do is issue subpoenas and have one hearing after another. And expose all the nonsense that is going on. And it’s very important when we come back that we have constitutional conservative leadership because the American people’s patience is about this big.”

Bachmann expressed her concern over the stake the government has in the private economy, which has grown since President Barack Obama was sworn in as President of the United States.

“So we have to make sure that we do what the people want us to do because one thing that you should is that the most dramatic story that’s happened in the last 18 months is that the federal government – before 18 months ago, the private economy was 100 percent held in private hands,” she said. “But today 65 percent of the economy is now held in government’s hands – either in direct ownership or in control we’re talking about. So we got to unravel that and we got to get the private sector back to being private and the government back to being government.”

And another component of her plan should the GOP win the House back – defund the programs the Obama administration has put in place or will have put in place, including health care reform, when the new Congress convenes in 2011.

“This is the year – this is it,” Bachmann continued. “All of our chips are on November. If we don’t get it back and then starve the beast – the House, we have the power of the purse – so we can starve ObamaCare. We don’t have to fund any of these programs and that’s exactly what we need to do – defund all of this nonsense and then unwind it.”

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07 2010

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  1. Tamsen Danby #

    Always wondered if this woman was for real.
    She’s not serious. She cannot be.
    But she sure does crave attention.

  2. 3

    I wonder where she gets her numbers about the % of the economy now in government hands.

  3. 4

    Can you provide the verification source of Backmann’s comments?

    Was it videoed or tape recorded? If so, I need to access that to mirror this topic and blog about it.


  4. 5

    Apologies to Michele for mistyping her last name of Bachmann in my previous comment! -blush-

  5. 6

    disregard my request for source… I didn’t notice that the pic of Michel was a youtube video.

  6. pastol #

    It is truly sad to watch this woman and Glenn Beck have their mental meltdowns in public. Other politicians and pundits are either oblivious in terms of what the Republican party should be doing or mean spirited liars. Michele and Glenn really do need help. My fear is that one morning Beck will come out of his house shooting. But with Bachmann it is just sad. What a hot mess.

  7. 8

    nice post. thanks.

  8. 9

    Wow. I wish the government would focus more on the real issues instead of just trying to beat out the opposing party. Our country might actually get somewhere.

  9. 10

    “Oh, I think that’s all we do,” said Bachmann. “I think all we have to do is to issue subpoenas and a court hearing after another. and reveal all the nonsense going on. And it is very important when we come back, we have conservative leadership constitutional provisions, because the patience of the American people are about this big. “


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