A Great Cause – the Wounded Warrior Experience

Last Thursday I went to one of the most moving events I’d been to here in D.C. – The Wounded Warrior Experience. It was put on by the American Veterans Center and the Military Order of the Purple Heart and it was a live taping of an interview with two disabled veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan.

Army Captain Ryan Kules and Corpsman James Raffetto we’re two of the wounded veterans interviewed and they we’re both amazing. Kules lost a leg and an arm while serving in Iraq and Raffetto lost both legs and arm while serving in Afghanistan.

Neither seemed phased by their wounds and both talked about how lucky they were that they didn’t have traumatic brain injuries, or severe mental illness. Raffetto in a very moving answer thanked his wife, who was on hand, for being their for support through it all. It really helped to put into perspective what a HUGE sacrifice these young men and women – and their families – make on a daily, sometimes hourly basis while protecting us.

Bret Baier from Fox News was the host and he did a phenomenal job interviewing the veterans. The program will air on the Pentagon Channel thisVeterans Day, November 11th. I strongly urge anyone with access to that channel to check it out – if for no other reason than to remind you how serious war is.

I hope that anyone who has the means to donate to these causes can.

I posted a few pictures after the jump:

Finally this is the coolest achievement pin I’ve ever seen:

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