GEICO Fires Voice Over Guy For Insulting the Tea Party is reporting that voice over actor D.C. Douglas has been canned from GEICO for calling FreedomWorks and saying some very not nice things:

Los Angeles actor, D.C. Douglas, says he was dropped from the upcoming GEICO “Shocking News” campaign after a group of Tea Party members harassed him and the insurance giant over a private voicemail the actor left for FreedomWorks. Matt Kibbe, President and CEO of FreedomWorks, posted Mr. Douglas’ cell phone number in a blog post on, instructing readers to “Feel free to contact (him)… call his employer too. Let them know that you…are now in the market for car insurance.” The next day, GEICO held auditions to replace Mr. Douglas’ voice on the campaign….

“I called as a private citizen to make a complaint,” explains Mr. Douglas. “Racism and homophobia are my Achilles heal, but unfortunately my message included inappropriate words and I am sorry for that. However, telling their members to harass my employer to get me fired is an egregiously disproportionate response to my actions.”

So this D.C. Douglas guy is upset that the TEA Party is racist and homophobic, yet he feels it OK to call FreedomWorks and ask “how many people that work there are mentally retarded?” He’s doing exactly what the Tea Party is supposedly doing, calling names. I went over to this fool’s website and I found this lovely graphic:

Lovely isn’t it? Also on his site he wrote a blog post defending his actions. Read it if you dare, but I can sum it up if you’d rather not:

1. FreedomWorks is evil and run by corporate lobbyists who are greedy.
2. He’s just a citizen that was worried the Tea Party would turn violent and wanted to express his “outrage.”
3. I don’t blame GEICO for firing me, they have a business to run. But the Tea Party are racist homophobes who are destroying American.

Did I miss anything? I’m sure, but who really cares? This guy is obviously reading from the same playbook as the other people who hate the Tea Party. They’re controlled by lobbyists, they’re racists and homophobes, they’re going to turn violent, etc, etc. Is there any reasoning with a man that has such a narrow mind?

You can listen to the audio of the phone call here.

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    I think the guy is a freaking HERO! Look at the response he put together:

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