They Do It Different in France: Big Macs for Gays

There’s just something inherently icky about this commercial. Or perhaps it’s just a commentary on the French society. It’s a gay-love moment interrupted by a father-son moment made possible by the folks at McDonald’s.

I’m not up on my French culture, so I can’t determine if McDonald’s is trying to be provocative or if they’re really trying to win over the gay hamburger-eating demographic. Nonetheless, there is just something that deep down really troubles me.

The TV spot is called “Come as you are,” but if he’s hiding something from his father, is he really coming as he is? Does this ad somehow encourage homosexuality? Probably not. I mean, if you see a dude about to chomp on some McDonald’s fries but has a thing for dudes he is hiding and that’s your excuse for being gay – you were probably gay anyway.

My advice to McDonald’s is probably to not run this ad in the United States because don’t think for a moment that creepy Burger King king that appears in their commercials would take the opportunity to poke fun.

My takeaway – any craving I ever had for Chicken McNuggets has vanished.

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06 2010

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  1. SkinnyMinnie #

    HA! Was denying food to homosexuals a real problem in France? How ridiculous that it has come to this – feeling compelled to make gays feel included at your run-of-the-mill fast food joints. Detestable.

    What’s next? This is where that “slippery slope” thing can really take off…

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