VA Claims to Turn Budget Deficit Into Surplus… Where is the Mainstream Media?

Governor of Virginia, Bob McDonnell

Recently elected governor of Virginia, Republican Bob McDonnell promised fiscal responsibility, a dedication to working on Virginia’s budget, and a focus on securing more jobs for Virginians while he was on the campaign trail in 2009. It appears as though the man will be sticking to his campaign promises if you believe his most recent claim.

The local Washington, DC NBC affiliate noted that McDonnell, only in office since January, has claimed that deep cuts made in March will in fact turn the VA budget from a potential $4billion deficit, to a surplus if the projected $1.7 billion comes in this month.

Wouldn’t a move like that, in a matter of months (5 months to the day he was inaugurated), garner national attention? That is no easy feat, especially in light of the current U.S. economy. Not to mention, a politician now appears to have the numbers to back up his current claim that he has solved a major budget issue and kept a campaign promise. Wouldn’t a politician telling the truth be newsworthy these days? Ya know, leadership, honesty, hard work?

What are the chances that if indeed, McDonnell can successfully pull of this major budget overhaul, that the national media, the mainstream network television and print news, will give this story one iota of attention?

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  1. JDubb7 #

    The national media has gone out of their way to undermine McDonnell. They will probably trout out his college thesis again in a few weeks.

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