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I’m Warning Ya, Sonny, I’ll Bust a Cap In Your ***

An 80-year-old man defended his wife and grandchild from an intruder at his home in Chicago, by shooting the intruder in the chest. This elderly community hero was known to pack some heat, and wasn’t afraid to use it. In an attempt to protect his wife, grandchild and home, he put a hole into the chest of the 30-something stranger breaking in. Next time someone tries to break into the home of an elderly couple at 5:20am, they might pause to remember the 2nd amendment right of the people to bear arms.

The argument still stands that an armed public is a safer public, and that has been proven true by recent FBI crime statistics. (h/t Pajamas Media) Since 2005 there has been a marked increase in gun sales and not shockingly, a decrease in violent crimes “at an accelerated rate.” The chart on the Pajamas Media link has the appropriate caption “more guns less murder.”

It’s like my dad always said: “You can be a victim, or a gun owner. It’s your choice.”

p.s. Only thing that’s missing from the story – what kind of gun did the old man use?


06 2010